The topic chosen for Sri Purandara aradaha - 2021 is Purandaropanishat

Brief synopsis about PurandaRopanishat

Purandaropanishat - Sri Puranadara dasaru is said to have composed 425000 devaranamas. Of which only 1000 are available now. Sri Vyasarajaru kept the Devaranamas, SulAdi, and ugAbhOga along with svaramOla and did pooja for them and called the devaranamas by Purandaradasaru as “Purandaropanishat”, which is the gist of Bhagavatha and Upanishat.

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The aradhanA committe first formed in the year 2000 to undertake detailed activities with regards to annual Purandara aradhana. A number of music lovers and practionsers have contributed to effective running of the aradhanA each year .
We seek advise and guidance from several members of our community - locally and from India as well.



Past Committe members were - Dr Gayathri Kalasabail, Smt Uma Mohan, Dr Namrata Pulapaka, Sri Sanjay Ramaswami, Smt Chandrika Subramanyam, Smt Rekha Rao, Sri Srikanth Rao, Smt Lakshmi Kumaraguruparan,
Dr Giridhar Tirumalai.
Sri Purandara aradhana team members are Smt Pushpa Jagadish, Sri Jagadish Sury,Smt Swathi Sreenath, Smt Shubha Ravi, Smt Radha Giridhar, Dr Giridhar Tirumalai.



A number of volunteers have encouraged and helped us every year. We request and appreciate your continued participation and volunteering.
If you would like to volunteer, please send us an e-mail as per details in "Contact us" page.